Sunday, April 3, 2011

CHICKENS!!! (and some old pics)

so we've decided to raise some chickens! it's gonna be tons of fun and hopefully we'll get some eggs out of the deal too. we went to tsc (tractor supply co.) about three or four times just to see the cute little chickees, and finally broke down and got 8 of em.

there are two barred rock pullets (meaning they're for sure hens). we also got two buff orpingtons, two black australorps, and two new hampshire reds. the last six breeds are straight run (meaning 50/50 chance at cockerels or hens). this one barred rock is my fav!

we're gonna need some help with hen names!!! oh... bad news is that we only want one rooster. that means that any of them over one that turns out to be a rooster will be dinner. hopefully we have the heart to do it (i'm sure we will).

so with all these chicks, we need a chicken coop. there was this old shed outside my mom's place that my dad built around the same time i was born. the original plan was to spruce the place up... but it turns out it was pretty rotted out, so we decided to tear it down and rebuild it. we were able to save some of the 2x4s for the frame, but everything else was pretty rotten.

that one is from before... i'll put some pics up of the progress as it gets built.

yay! so excited for chickens!!!!

ok... so shift gears. these are some pics from a few weeks ago that i wanted to blog on, but as you can see from the date of the last post im not too consistent with the blogging.

annie and i went for a mini hike out at saugatuck dune state park when the weather was starting to change.

burr... it was chilly out there. the lake was super cool looking though.

well, thats all for now! hopefully i can try to keep up with this blog!