Saturday, May 1, 2010

first post and new shoes (its kinda a big deal)

so, i guess we're gonna try this blogging thing and see what kick off a fun-filled tulip time week, annie and i went out and bought some new shoes (get it, kick). we weren't even planning on getting new shoes, but i'm pretty stoked we did.

the day started by annie's mom coming down to hang out. we went to boatwerks for lunch, and then walked around downtown for a while. while we were in the outpost, annie mentioned that she wanted to look for running shoes at gazelle sports. well she cant get new shoes if i dont get new shoes, so i went downstairs and quickly purchased my much anticipated Vibram FiveFingers. ive been wanting these for a while, so i knew just what i wanted. in no time i was fitted and walking out of the outpost toting my new kicks. they look weird, i know, but they feel soooooo stinkin cool!

from the outpost we went over to gazelle sports. it takes annie about 20 times longer than me to pick out shoes. she went in wanting running shoes, and ended up leaving with some trail running/hiking type of shoes. they're way cool, and it only took trying on like 10 different pairs of shoes in different sizes to find the perfect ones. oh, and side note but the lady that was helping annie with her shoes used to babysit me... her name was jen wasserman then, but now shes married so i didnt catch her new last name. it was pretty crazy seeing her though.

anywho, i think we're off to more adventures tonight. its sprinkling out now, so if the fireworks dont get cancelled then we're going to kollen park!

oh and side note... annie just came in asking if a ate a bagel out of the ones she just bought from meijer (she got two bags), because one bag has 6 bagels and the other has 5. i bet someone ate one in store... weird.


Kathy said...

What do you mean she can't get new shoes if you can't get new shoes??? That's a fast way to run out of money if you both feel that way :-) Either that or you'll never have anything! ('cause she can't get a new outfit if you can't!)